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    The institution's main objective is to promote and spread the principles of Sanatana Dharma, the Hindu religion among the general public by publishing Gita, Ramayana, Upanishads, Puranas, Discourses of eminent Saints and other character-building books & magazines and marketing them at highly subsidised prices.   The institution strives for the betterment of life and the well-being of all. It aims to promote the art of living as propounded in the Gita for peace & happiness and the ultimate upliftment of mankind. The founder, Brahmalina Shri Jayadayalji Goyandka, was a staunch devotee and an exalted soul. He was much given to the Gita as the panacea for mankind's plight and began publishing it and other Hindu scriptures to spread good intent and good thought amongst all.
  • Sarvesam Swastirr bhavatu
    Sarvesam Santirr bhavatu
    Sarvesam Poornam bhavatu
    Sarvesam Mangalambhavatu
    Sarve atra sukhe naha santu
    Sarve santu niraa maya ahaa
    Sarve bhadra ni pash yan tu
    Ma kaschit dukha mapnuyat
    Asato maa sad -ga-maya a
    Tamaso maa jyotirr ga maya
    Mrityor ma amritam ga maya
    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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    • Navaratri & Navadurga
      What is Navratri ? " Navratri " or "Navaratri " literally means "nine nights." Navratri is celebrated twice a year, once at the beginning of the New Samvatsar (Hindu New year) in Summers and again at the onset of winter. Navratri or Navratra are therefore known as Chaitra Navratra and Shaardeya Navratra on the basis of their occ […]
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      The Legend JagatGuru Sri Adi shankara Acharaya & the Devi Sri Mookambika
    • The Story of Mahabharatha
      The Mahabharatha, is the greatest, longest and one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, the other being the Ramayana. With more than 74,000 verses, plus long prose passages, or some 1.8 million words in total, it is one of the longest epic poems in the world. This wonderful Grantha (Sacred book) was composed by Bhagvan Sri Veda Vyasa (Krishna Dv […]
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      Mantra Diksha Blessing Like The Sun God, Like The Rainy Clouds , Like The Mother Earth  Blessing for All Mantra Dikshaa by vishwa Guru Param Pujya Sant Shri AsaramJi BapuJi
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      Solution to all problems from Param pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu Wonder Cure to many diseases and health tips
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      पूज्य बापू के आशीर्वचन इस छोटी सी पुस्तिका में वे रत्न भरे हुए हैं जो जीवन को चिन्मय बना दें। तुम अपने सारे विश्व में व्याप्त अनुभव करो। इन विचार रत्नों को बार-बार विचारो। एकांत में शांत वातावरण में इन वचनों को दोहराओ। और....अपना खोया हुआ खजाना अवश्य अवश्य प्राप्त कर सकोगे इसमें तनिक भी संदेह नहीं है। करो हिम्मत......! मारो छलांग.....! कब तक गिड़गिड़ाते रहोग […]
    • Shri Adi Shankaracharya’s Kanaka Dhara Stotram
      Bhagvan Shri Adi Sankara was one of the greatest saints of his time.He was born in a Brahmin family in Kerala. After brahmopadesa, as is usual during those times, Bramhmachari were asked to beg alms for his lunch. One day when little Adi Shankara went to a Brahmin house, the lady of the house was so poor that she did not have anything to give him. She search […]
    • Sreemadh Devi Bhagvatham
      The Srimad Devi Bhagavatam, also known as Devi Purana, was composed into 12 chapters, containing 18000 verses by the great Veda Vyasa. Though classified as an upa-purana it is the only purana Vedavyasa called "Maha Purana" meaning the great purana.
    • Shri Devi Mahathmyam
      Sri Devi Mahathmyam is one of the most enduring and popular Hindu scriptures of all times, filled with the stories and the exploits of the Mother Goddess, as she assumes various forms and avatars, from time to time to vanquish evil and restore righteousness and goodness in the world. The seven hundred verses of Devi Mahathmyam form one of the cornerstones of […]
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      A True Yogi Of Sreemadh Bhagvad Gita
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      Om Namaha ShivayaEka Sloki RamayanAadau Rama thapo vananu gamanam, Hathwa mrugam kanchanam,Vaidehi haranam, jatayu maranam, Sugreeva sambhashanam,Bali nigrahanam, samudhra tharanam, Lanka pureem dahanam,Paschad Ravana Kumbha karna madanam, Ethat ithi Ramayanam Author -Shri C.RajaGopalachariRamayanaTo the north of the Ganga was the great kingdom Kosala, made […]
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      "Namo nama Shri Guru padukabhyam"Shri Ram's Rajya Abhiskek01-02Hanumanji is blessed by Sita Mata with the honor to be Shri Ram's devotee always.Brahma sends Narad to Valmiki.01-03Story of Garuda & KakbhushandiGarud goes to Lord Shiva to know about Shri Ram and then goes to meet Bhushandi - the CrowBhushandi - the Crow narrates Shri Ra […]
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      "Namo nama Shri Guru padukabhyam"Episode 61:Ravan sends his men to Kumbhakaran's palace to wake him up from his deep sleep. They take mountains of food for him and try to awaken him with their shouts, drums and trumpets. At last, Kumbhakaran gets up and has his meal. He is told about the war and the humiliation Ravan is suffering. Ravan goes t […]
      "Namo nama Shri Guru padukabhyam"VED STUTIUttarkaand – Doha 13 CHHANDJai sagun nirgun roop roop anoop bhoop siromaney | Daskandharaadi prachand nisichar prabal khal bhuj bala haney || Avataar nar sansaar bhaar bibhanji daarun dukh dahey | Jai pranatpaal dayaal prabhu sanjukt sakti namaamahey || Tav bisham maayaa bas suraasur naag nar aga jaga harey […]
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      "Namo nama Shri Guru padukabhyam"Ramayan Episode 51:Ravan discusses the matter with his courtiers and sends Sukh to seduce Sugriv from his loyalty to Shri Ram. Sukh meets Sugriv and says: "You are a king and Ravan is another. Earn his friendship instead of risking your life for helping a disinherited prince." Sugriv sends him back, saying […]
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      "Namo nama Shri Guru padukabhyam"Ramayan Episode 41:Lakshman enters Kishikindha in a fury. Angad goes and informs Hanuman who requests Tara to go and allay Lakshman's wrath. Tara is able to take away the edge of Lakshman's anger and Hanuman tells Lakshman that Sugriv has already issued orders for mobilising the warriors. Sugriv apologizes […]
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      "Namo nama Shri Guru padukabhyam"Ramayan Episode 31: Ravan decides to kidnap Sita Mareech reluctantly becomes golden deer Shri Ram, at Sitas behest, goes after the deer 32: Mareech mimics Shri Rams voice & calls Lakshman Sita compels Lakshman to go Ravan kidnaps Sita .Shri Ram & Lakshman are upset32.132.232.332.4Epis […]
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      "Namo nama Shri Guru padukabhyam"MANAS GURU VANDANABaalkaand – Doha 1 CHOPAIBandau guru pad paduma paraaga | Suruchi subas saras anuraaga ||Amiya murimaya churan charu | Saman sakal bhav ruj parivaru ||Sukruti sambhu tan bimal bibhuti | Manjul mangal mod prasuti ||Jana mana manju mukur mal harni | Kiye tilak gun gan bas karni ||Shri guru pad nakh m […]
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      "Namo nama Shri Guru padukabhyam"NIRVAAN ASHTAKAMMano buddhya hankaar chittaani naahamNa cha shrotra jihvey na cha ghraan netrey |Na cha vyom bhoomir na tejo na vaayuChidaanand roopah shivoham shivoham || 1 ||Na cha praan sangyo na vai panch vaayurNa vaa sapta dhaatur na vaa panch koshah |Na vaak paani paadau na chopasth paayuChidaanand roopah shiv […]
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      "Namo nama Shri Guru padukabhyam" II RAM II Shree Ganeshaaya NamahSHIV MAHIMNAH STOTRAMPushpadanta Uvaacha Mahimnah paaram te paramvidusho yadyasadrishiStutirbrahmaadeenaamapi tadavasannaastvayi girah|Athaavaachyah sarvah svamatiparinaamaavadhi grinanMamaapyesha stotre har nirapavaadah parikarah || 1 ||Ateetah panthaanam tav cha mahimaa vaangmanasa […]
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      "Namo nama Shri Guru padukabhyam"RamayanEpisode 21: In Nanihal, Bharath's premonition saddens him Bharath & Shatrughan return to Ayodhya On hearing about their fathers death, they are deeply shocked Bharath develops deep hatred towards his mother Kaikayee and disowns her21.121.221.321.4Episode 22: Bharath performs King Dasharath's las […]
    • Pancha Mukha Anjaneya Kavacham
      "Namo nama Shri Guru padukabhyam" [Armour of Hanuman with Five Faces]Translated by P. R. Ramachander Sri Hanuman Ji assumed this form to kill Mahiravana, a powerful rakshasa black-magician and practitioner of the dark arts during the Ramayana war. Mahiravana had taken Lord Rama and Lakshmana captive, and the only way to kill him was to extinguish f […]
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      "Namo nama Shri Guru padukabhyam" Jai Siya Ram JaiSiyaRam
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      "Namo nama Shri Guru padukabhyam"Episode 13: Celebrations mark the proclamation of Shri Ram as heir to the throne Manthra provokes Kaikayee Kaikayee gets into a rage 14: King Dashrath also gets into an angry state of mind Kaikayee requests for two wishes King Dasharath relents to his promise Bharath is hailed as future king […]
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      Bharat the Spiritual Guru of the World In this context The following verse (shloka) from the Mahabharat (18.5.46) is important. अष्टादश पुराणानि धर्मशास्त्राणि सर्वशः । वेदाः साङ्गास्तथैकत्र भारतं चैकतः स्थितम् ॥ Meaning : The eighteen Purans, all the scriptures (Smrutis) and the Vedas are on one side and Bharat (ancient India) on the other. (So great is the […]
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      "kausalya supraja rama!purva sandhya pravartate, uthishta! narasardula! kartavyam daivam ahnikam "Sri Rama! Kausalya's endearing son! Wake up, dear! You have to do your day-to-day duties do wake up please. Continue reading →
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      The one who reads with peace, This octet on Hari, Which is the destroyer of sorrow, Would definitely reach the world of Vishnu, Which is always without sorrow, And he would never undergo sorrow ever. Continue reading →
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      O Thou Invisible One! O Adorable One! O Supreme! Thou permeatest and penetratest this vast universe from the unlimited space down to the tiny blade of grass at my feet. Thou art the basis for all these names and forms. Thou art the apple of my eye, the Prema of my heart, the very Life of my life, the very Soul of my soul, the Illuminator of my intellect and […]
    • The Supreme Sadhana
      Everything is verily a manifestation of God; where then do differences, delusion,misfortune and misery exist? They exist in the „seeing‟ without right knowledge. For as you see,so is the world. Continue reading →
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      श्रीकृष्ण जन्माष्टमी आपका आत्मिक सुख जगाने का, आध्यात्मिक बल जगाने का पर्व है। जीव को श्रीकृष्ण-तत्त्व में सराबोर करने का त्यौहार है। तुम्हारा सुषुप्त प्रेम जगाने की दिव्य रात्रि है। श्रीकृष्ण का जीवन सर्वांगसंपूर्ण जीवन है। उनकी हर लीला कुछ नयी प्रेरणा देने वाली है। उनकी जीवन-लीलाओं का वास्तविक रहस्य तो श्रीकृष्ण तत्त्व का आत्मरूप से अनुभव किये हुए महापुरूष […]
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      INTRODUCTION Of Indian Jyothish or Hindu Jyothish or Vedic Jyothish. Vedas are the oldest, the most authentic and the most sacred scriptures to understand the mysteries of nature Vedas are oldest books in the library of the world.' The date when did the Sourya Mandal came into existence is written in " BramandPuraan ". Continue reading → […]
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      धनभागी हैं वे, जो संत-दर्शन की महत्ता जानते हैं, उनके दर्शन-सत्संग का लाभ लेते हैं, उनके द्वार पर जा पाते हैं, उनकी सेवा कर पाते हैं और धन्य है यह भारतभूमि, जहाँ ऐसे आत्मारामी संत अवतरित होते रहते हैं। Continue reading → […]
    • Rudraksha : The Divine Gem
      The terms Rudraksha literally means the "Eyes" of Shiva and is so named in His benevolence. Shiva Purana describe Rudraksha's origin as Lord Shiva's tears. He had been meditating for many years for the welfare of all creatures. On opening the eyes, hot drops of tears rolled down and the mother earth gave birth to Rudraksha trees. Continue […]
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      Navagraha Stotra Mala For Daily Recital for the blessing of all Nine Grahas Continue reading →
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    This Blog is an Humble attempt to spread the Divine Message of Pujjya BapuJi & Dedicated at the Lotus feets SHRI CHARANKAMAL Of PARAM PUJYA GURUJI SANT SHRI ASARAM JI BAPU VishwaGuru Of the Age.

    The essence of Bharata lies in Her culture of Self-realization. ParamAtman is not seen as something apart, but as our very essence, the one True Self that resides in the heart of us all. Raising ourselves from ordinary individuals to the heights of Supreme Consciousness is only possible with the guidance of one who is already in that transcendent state. Such a one is called a Satguru, a True Yogi, as in one who has gained mastery over the mind, one who is beyond the mind.

    From ancient times up to the present day, an unbroken succession of Self-realized Saints have incarnated in the Land of Yogis & Saints Bharata to lead seekers of Truth to the ultimate reality.

    Yada Yada hee Dharmasya glaneer bhavati Bharat
    Abhyusthanam Adharmasya Tadaatmanam Sreejamyaham
    Paritranaaya Sadhunaam Vinaashaya cha Dushkritaam
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    Sreemadh Bhagvad Gita 4.7 & 8

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Shri Hanuman Sadhana

Sri Hanuman Ji Mantra Mp3 by Sri sureshanandJi

Anjaneya Stotra

Anjana nandanam Veeram janaki soka nasanam,
Kapeesa Maksha hantharam, Vande lanka bhayangaram.

Salutations to the terror of Lanka,
Who is the heroic son of Anjana,
Who brought to an end , all sorrows of Sitha,
Who is the king of monkeys ,
Who killed Aksha[1] the son of Ravana.

Mano javam , maruda thulya vegam,
Jithendriyam buddhi matham varishtam,
Vatha atmajam vanara yudha mukhyam,
Sree rama dootham sirasa namami.

I bow my head and salute the emissary of Rama,
Who has won over his mind,
Who has similar speed as wind,
Who has mastery over his organs,
Who is the greatest among knowledgeable,
Who is the son of God of wind,
And who is the chief in the army of monkeys.

Anjaneya madhi patalananam,
Kanchanadri kamaneeya vigraham,
Parijatha tharu moola vasinam,
Bhavayami bhava mana nandanam,.

I bow before the darling son of the god of wind,
Who is the son of Anjana,
Who is great among killers of ogres,
Who is like a golden mountain,
Who is handsome to look at,
And who lives near the roots of Parijatha[2] tree,

Yatra yatra Raghu nada keerthanam,
Thathra thathra krudha masthakanjalim,
Bhashpa vari pari poorna lochanam,
Maruthim namatha Rakshasanthakam.

I pray and salute the son of wind god,
Who brought to end the rakshasas,
Who is always present with eye full of tears,
With head bowed in veneration,
Wherever the praise of Lord Rama is sung.

Phala sruthi

Budhir balam yaso dhairyam nirbhayathwam arokadha,
Ajadyam vak paduthwancha hanumath smaranath bhaveth.

He who meditates on Lord Hanuman,
Would be blessed with knowledge, strength,
Fame, courage, fearlessness, health,
Tirelessness and mastery over words,

[1] Aksha was the second son of Ravana who was killed by Lord Anjaneya
[2] A holy tree of heaven with scented flowers

Aapad Udharana Hanumath Stotram

By King Vibheeshana
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Here is a remarkable and rare prayer written by King Vibheeshana requesting Lord Hanuman to save one from dangers. I am sure by recitation of this prayer you can come out of all dangers without any problem.]

Apad akhila lokarthi harine, hanumathe,
Akasmad aagathothpada nasaya, namosthuthe. 1

Hey Hanuman, who removes dangers of all the world,
And who destroys all accidental dangers, my salutations.

Sita viyuktha Sri Rama soka dukjha bhayapaha,
Thapa thrithya samharin anjaneya, namosthuthe. 2

Hey Hanuman who removed sorrow, pain and fear,
From Lord Rama who has parted with his wife Sita,
And who destroys the three types of pains,
My salutations to the, son of Anjana.

Adhi vyadhi mahamari graham peedapa harine,
Pranapa harthe daithyanam, anjaneya namosthuthe. 3

Hey Hanuman, who removes sorrow, diseases,
Epidemics and problems created by planets,
And who steals away the souls of Rakshasas,
My salutations to the, son of Anjana.

Samsara sagara vartha karthavya brantha chethasaam,
Saranagatha marthyaanaam, saranyaya namosthuthe. 4

My salutations to him who gives protection,
To the men who seek protection from him,
With a confused my mind created by,
The sea of this miserable life.

Raja dwari, bila dwari pravesa, bhootha sankule,
Gaja simha maha vyagra chora bheeshana kanane, 5

Saranaya saranyaya vathathmaja, namosthuthe,
Nama plavanga sainyanaam prana bhoothathmane nama. 6

My salutations are due to son of the God of wind,
Who is the protector, who offers protection to those,
Trying to enter the gate of the palace or in the opening of a cave,
And who is amidst collection of ghosts, in the deep forest,
In the company of elephants, lion, tiger and thieves,
My salutations to the soul of the army of monkeys.

Rameshtam karunapoornam Hanumantham bhayapaham,
Sathru nasa haram bheemam Sarvabheeshta phala pradham. 7

My salutations to the darling of Rama who is full of mercy,
Who is the fearful Hanuman, who destroys his enemies,
Who is gross and who fulfills all our wishes.

Pradoshe va prabathe va ye smareth anjana sutham,
Artha sidhim yasa sidhim Prapnuvanthi na samsaya. 8

He who remembers the son of Anjana,
Early in the morn or during pradosha time,
Would get wealth and become famous,
Without any doubt whatsoever.

Karagrahe prayane cha samgrame desa viplave,
Ye smaranthi Hanumantham thesham naashthi vipad thada. 9

Either in prison or during travel,
Or during war or during revolt in the country,
Whosoever remembers Lord Hanuman,
Will not be subject to any danger.

Vajra dehaya kalagni rudhraya, amitha thejase,
Brahmasthra sthambanayasmai nama sri Rudra murthaye. 10

Oh God who has diamond like body,
Who is like the fire of Lord Shiva during deluge,
Who is the exceeding powerful light,
Who benumbed the great arrow of Brahma,
Salutations to you, of very angry one.

Japthwa stotramidham manthram prathivaram paden nara,
Rajasthane, sthabhasthane pratha vadhe, japed Druvam,
Vibheeshana krutham stotram ya padeth prayatho nara,
Sarva apadbhyo vimuchetha nathra karya vicharana, 11

The man who every week reads or chants this mantra,
Composed by Lord Vibheeshana,
In king’s place, in a meeting or during arguments, would without fail,
And without any need for enquiry, come out of all dangers.

Markatesa, mahothsaha, sarva soka vinasaka,
Shathrun samhara maam raksha sreeyam cha adha pradehi may. 12

Oh lord of monkeys, who is exuberant and who can destroy the entire world,
Please destroy all my enemies, protect me and thus bless me.

Eka Mukha Hanumath Kavacham
[Armour to Hanuman with one face]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This armour has been told by Lord Shiva to Goddess Parvathy. The Lord first tells a prayer of twelve names addressed to Hanuman and then quotes the Hanuman kavacha as taught by Lord Rama to Lord Vibheeshana. Unlike other Kavachas of Hanuman, this is a simple prayer and not a thanthric text.]

Yekadhaa Sukhamassenam sankaram Loka Sankaram,
Papracha Girija kantham Karpoora davalam Shivam 1

Once when Lord Shiva, the God of the people,
The consort of Girija, who was as white as Camphor
Was asked by Goddess Parvathi, as follows.

Sri Parvathyuvacha:-
(Goddess Parvathi said)

Bhagwan deva devesa, loka nadha, Jagat Prabho,
Sokakulaanaam lokaanaam kena raksha bhaved Dhruvam. 2

Sangrame, sankate, Ghore bhootha prethaathike, Bhaye,
Dukha davagni santhaptha chethasaam, dukha bhaginaam, 3

Oh God, God of Gods, Lord of the world, Lord of the universe,
How can people afflicted with sorrow get protected for ever?
How can they protect themselves in war, sorrow, from fearful ghosts,
From fear of the dead, from the burning fire of sorrow,
And become even minded and get out of sorrow?

Sri Mahadeva Uvacha:-
(Lord Shiva said:- )

Srunu devi pravakshyami, lokaanaam hitha kamyaya,
Vibheeshanaaya Ramena premena datham cha yath puraa. 4

Please hear what I tell, for the good of the world,
Of What was told by Lord Rama to Vibheeshana long ago.

Kavacham kapi nadhasya, Vayuputhrasya dheematha,
Guhyam thathe pravakshyami Visesha chrunu Sundari. 5

Oh pretty one hear the armour of the Lord of Monkeys,
Who was the greatly valorous son of Lord Vayu,
Which is secret but specially being told by me.

Udhyadhithya sankasa mudhara bhuja vikramam,
Kandarpa koti lavanyam, Sarva Vidhya visaradham. 6

He was like a rising sun,a greatly charitable hero,
Who is extremely pretty and very greatly learned.

Sri Rama hrudayanandam bhktha kalpa maheeruham,
Abhayam varadam dhorbhyaam kalaye maruthathmajam, 7

He is one who gives happiness to mind of Rama,
He is one who is the wish giving tree to devotees,
He is the one who protects, blesses, drives away fear,
He is the one who is the darling, son of wind God.

Hanuman Anjani soonoon Vayuputhro Maha bala,
Rameshta, Phalguna sakha, pingaksho, amitha Vikrama. 8

He is the one who is Hanuman, He is the one who is the Son of Anjana,
He is the one who is the son of wind god, He is the one who is Very strong,
He is the one who is dear to Rama, He is the one who is friend of Arjuna,
He is the one who has red eyes, He is the one who has immeasurable valour

Udadhikramanaschaiva, seethasoka vinasana,
Lakshmana prana datha cha dasa greevasya darppaha. 9

He is the one who crossed the sea, He is the one who put an end to sorrow of Sita,
He is the who gave life to Lakshmana, He is the one who hurt the pride of Ravana.

Yevam dwadasa naamani Kapeendrasya mahathmana,
Swa kale prabodhe cha Yathra kale cha padeth, 10

Thsya sarva bhayam nasthi, rane cha vijayi bhaveth,
Rajadware gahware cha bhayam nasthi kadachana. 11

If these twelve names of the king of monkeys are read,
In our own time after getting up or during the journey,
All our fears would be destroyed, and we will win in all wars,
And we would never have fear at the gate of the king or in forest cave.

Ullangya sindho salilam salilam,
Ya soka vahnim Janakathmajaya,
AAdhaya thenaiva dadaha lankam,
Namami tham pranchalir Anjaneyam. 12

I salute with folded hands that son of Anjana,
Who crossed the great waters of the sea,
Who doused the fire of sorrow of Sita,
And who set fire to Lanka afterwards.

Om Namo Hanumathe sarva sarvagrahan, bhootha, bhavishyath varthamaanan, sameepasthaan sarva kala dushta budhin Uchadaya Uchadaya, para balan kshobhaya kshobhaya, mama sarva karyani sadhaya sadhaya.

Om, salutations to Hanuman, let all the bad effects due to all planets, devils, past, present and future and evil spirits which are near by, be driven away, driven away. Let others strength diminish, And let all my deeds attain with success.

Om Hram Hreem Hroom Phat ghe ghe Ghe,
Om Shiva sidhim Om Hram Om Hreem Om Hroom,
Om Hraim, Om Hroum Om Hra swaha

(These are magical chants and cannot be translated.)

Para kruthya yanthra manthra parahankara bhootha pretha pisacha drushti sarva vighna dur jana Cheshta kuvidya Sarvogra bhayani Nivaraya, nivaraya

Let the evil charms and chants done by others, the jealousy of others,, the effect of Ghosts, corpse and devils and let all blockages created by evil people, let evil knowledge and let all great fears be cured, cured.

Banda banda, Lunta lunta, Viluncha viluncha, Kili kili sarvaka yanthrani dushta vacham Om Phat Swaha.

Let the evil designs of other charms be tied and made in effective. Ablations to the fire.

Om asya sri Hanumath Kavacha stotra Maha manthrasya, Sri Ramachandra Rishi, Sri Hanuman parmathma devatha,Anushtup Chanda, Maruthaathmaja ithi Bheeja Anjanaa Soorithi Sakthi, Lakshmana prana ithi keelakam, Rama dhoothayethi asthram, Hanuman devatha ithi kavacham, Pingaksho amitha Vikrama ithi manthra,Sri Ramachandra preranaya Ramachandra preethyartham Mama Manaasa sakala kaamanaa sidhyartham Jape Viniyoga,

Om For the great chant of the Armour of Hanuman, the sage is Sri Ramachandra, The god addressed is the divine Hanuman, Meter is Anushtup. The seed is the son of Vayu, The strength is the son of Anjana, the nail is the giver of life to Lakshmana, The arrow is the messenger of Rama, The armour is God Hanuman, The chant is red eyed one who is greatly valorous, and this is being chanted by the orders of Rama so that Sri Rama would be pleased and all the desires of my mind are get fulfilled.

Adha kara nyasa
(Now the hand signs)

Om hram anjanisuthaya angushtabhyam nama
Om hrem Rudhra murthaye tharjaneebhyam nama
Om hroom Rama dhoothaya madhyamabhyam nama
Om hraim Vayu puthraya anamikabhyam nama
Om Hroum Agni garbhaya kanishtikabhyam nama
Om hrah Brahmasthra nivaranaya kara thala kara prushtabhuam nama
Ithi kara nyasa

Om Hram salutations to son of Anjana at the thumb
Om Hreem salutations to Rudhra murthy through fore finger
Om Hroom salutations to messenger of Rama through middle finger
Om Hraim salutations to son of vayu through fourth finger
Om Hroum salutations to he who has fire within him through little finger
Om Hrah salutations to he who cures Brahmasthra through the entire palm.

Adha Hrudhayadhi nyasa
(Now signs on the heart)

Om Hraam Anjani suthaaya hrudhayaya nama
Om Hreem Rudhra moorthaye sirase swaha
Om Hroom Rama dhoothaya Shikaayai vashat
Om Hraim Vayuputhraya kavachaya hoom
Om Hroum Agnigarbhaya nethra thrayaya voushat
Om Hrah Brahmasthra nivaranaya asthraya phat
Ithi hrudhayadhi Shadanga nyasa

Chant Om Hraam son of Anjana and touch the heart
Chant Om Hreem RudhraMurthy and touch the head
Chant Om hroom messenger of Rama and touch your hair
Chant Om Hraim son of Vayu and imagine it is your armour
Chant Om Hroum He who has fire in him and touch the eyes
Chant Om Hrah he who cures Brahmasthra

Adha Dhyanam
Then meditation

Dhyayeth bala divakara dhyuthinibham devari darppapaham,
Devendra pramukham, prasatha yassam dedepyamanam rucha,
Sugreevadhi samastha vanara yutham suvyaktha Thathwa priyam,
SAmraktharuna lochanam pavanajam peethambaralankrudham. 1

I meditate on him who is similar to the young Sun, who humbles the pride of enemies of devas,
Who is honoured by Devendra, who has great fame, who shines greatly like the light,
Who is with all monkeys including Sugreeva, who likes very clear philosophic thoughts,
Who is with red eyes, who is son of wind God and who wears yellow silk.

Udyathmarthanda koti prakata ruchi yutham, charu veerasanastham,
Mounji yajnopaveethabharana ruchi shikham shobhitham kundalangam,
Bhakthanam ishtadham tham prantha muni janam, veda nadha pramodham,
Dyayeth devam vidheyam plavaga kula pathim, ghoshpathee bhootha vaardheem. 2

I meditate on the God who is humble, lord of the clan of monkeys, who does good to beings of earth,
Who has the shine of one crore rising suns, who is a pretty valorous hero,
Who wears sacred thread and a deer skin and has a tuft, who shines in his ear studs,
Who likes his devotees, who is saluted by sages and likes the sound of chanting of Vedas.

Vajrangam Pinga kesadyam, swarna kundala manditham,
Nigudam upa sangamya paraa vaara parakramam 3

Spatikaabam swarna kanthim dwibhujam cha kruthanjalim,
Kundala dwaya samshobhi mukhambujam Harim Bhaje. 4

I sing about that Hari who has diamond like body,
Who has red hair, wears golden ear studs,
Who is not easy to see and is greatly valorous,
Who is like a crystal and shines like gold,
Has two hands which salute, has two ear studs,
And an extremely shining lotus like face.

Savya hasthe Gadhayuktham Vama hastha kamandalum,
Udhyad dakshinodhor dhandam, Hanumantham vichinthayeth, 5

I think about Hanuman who holds a mace in his right hand,
Who holds a water pot in his left hand,
And who is rising to standing position in the south.

Adha Mantha
Then the chants

Om hanoomathe shobithananaaya yasolankruthaya, Anjani Garbha sambhoothaya,
Rama Lakshmana anadakaya, kapi sainya prakasa parvathoth patanaaya sugreeva sahya karana parocchaatana kumara Brahmacharya gambheera shabdhodhaya Om hreem Sarva dushta graham nivaranaya swaha.
Om Hanuman who has shining body, who is decorated by his fame, who was born to Anjana, who gives pleasure to Rama and Lakshmana Who shines in the army of monkeys, who climbed the mountain, who helped Lord Sugreeva, who is a youth observing celibacy, who has a booming regal voice, Om Hreem Please cure the ills caused by all planets.

Om Namo Hanumathe Yehi, Yehi Yehi Sarva Graha bhoothaanaam, SAkini Dakineenaam, vishama dushtaanaam Sarvesham Aakarshaya AAkarshaya, Mardhaya mardhaya, Chedhaya chedhata, Maraya maraya, Soshya soshaya, Prajwala prajwala, Bhootha mandala Pisacha mandala nirasanaaya Bhootha jwara, pretha jwara Chthurthika jwara, Brahma Rakshasa, Pisacha chedhana Kriya, Vishnu jwara, maheswara jwaraan chindi Chindi, Bhindi Bhindi Akshi soole Sirobhyanthare hyaakshi soole Gulma soole Pitha soole Brahma Rakshasa kula Prabhala naga kula vinir- vishadjadithi.(dvi varam Japthwa)

Om salutation to Hanuman of this world, Attract, attract, Beat, beat, Cut, cut, Kill, kill, make them weak, make them weak, and Rapidly burn, rapidly burn, all this world’s ghosts of home, Ghosts of dead ones, mischievous bad people
Break, break, Pierce pierce, ghost groups, devil groups, fever caused by devils, fever caused by dead ones, fever of the fourth type, Brahma Rakshasas, the act of cutting by ghosts, fever caused by Vishnu, fever caused by Shiva.
Speedily cure diseases of eye, head stomach, anus, bile and those caused by Brahma Rakshasas and famous serpents.(chant these for two weeks)

Om hreem phat ghe ghe swaha

Om namo hanumathe pavana puthra vaiswanara mukha papa drushti, shoda drushti, hanumathe Aagnaa phure swaha.

Oblations to the fire to Hanuman, the son of wind, who burns those with sinful looks and searching looks, Oh Lord Hanuman, who completes his orders

Swagruhe dware pattake thishta thishtethi thathra roga mayam raja kula mayam nasthi thasyocharana mathrena sarve jwara nasyanthi,Om hraam hreem hroom ghe ghe swaha.

In our own house, near the gate, keeping on a plate and by chanting, “Om hraam hreem hroom ghe ghe swaha”. Diseases and fever would leave for ever.

Sri Ramachandra Uvacha:-
Lord Ramachandra said:-

Hanuman Poorvatha pathu,
Pathu dakshine pavanathmaja,
Pradeechyam pathu Rakshasogna,
Soumyam sagara paraga. 1

Let the east be protected by Hanuman,
South be protected by son of wind,
Let the west be protected by killer of Rakshasas,
And let the North be protected by him, who crossed the sea

Udeechyaam oordwaga pathu
Kesari Priya nandana, adasthu
Vishnu bhakthasthu pathu,
Pathu Madhyam thu pavani. 2

Let the west and above be protected by darling son of Kesari,
And let middle and down portion be protected by devotee of Vishnu.

Lanka vidhahka pathu sarvapadbhyo nirantharam,
Sugreeva sachiva pathu masthakam vayu nandana. 3

Let he who burnt Lanka protect me from all dangers,
Let the minister of Sugreeva and the son of wind god,
Protect my head permanently,

Phaalam pathuMaha veero, broovor madhye nirantharam,
Nethre chayapaharicha pavana plavageswara. 4

Let my forehead be protected by the great hero,
Let the killer of the stealer of shadow,
And the holy of lord of monkeys
Protect always my eyes as well as,
The place in the middle of eye brows.

Kapale karna mole cha pathu Sri Rama Kinkara,
Nasagram anjani soonu, pathu vakthram hareeswara. 5

Let the servant of Rama protect my head,
As well as the root portion of my ears,
Let the son of Anjana protect the tip of my throat,
And let the king of monkeys protect my neck.

Vacham Rudra Priya Pathu jihwam Pingala lochana,
Pathu deva palguneshta schubhukam daithya darpaha. 6

Let my words be protected by the one liked by Rudra,
Let my toungue be protected by the red eyed one,
Let me chin be protected by god who is the friend of Arjuna,
As well as the one who put an end of pride of Asuras.

Pathu kandam cha daithyari, skandhou pathu surarchitha,
Bhujou pathu maha theja, Karou cha charanayudha, 7

Let my neck be protected by enemy of Asuras,
Let my shoulders be protected by him, who is worshipped by devas,
Let the greatly resplendent one protect my shoulders,
Let my hands be protected by him who uses leg as a weapon,

Nakhaan nakhayudha pathu kukshou pathu kapeeswara,
Vakshou mudhrapahari cha pathu parswe bhujayudha. 8

Let my nails be protected by him who uses nails as weapon,
Let the Monkey God protect my belly,
Let him who took Rama’s ring protect my chest,
Let my sides be protected by the great armed one.

Laka vibhanjana pathu prushta dese nirantharam,
Nabhim cha Rama dhoothasya, katim pathwanilathmaja. 9

Let him who burnt Lanka always protect my back,
Let my belly button be protected by messenger of Rama,
Let the son of wind god protect my hips.

Guhyam pathu Maha Pragno, lingam pathu Shiva Priya,
Oorum cha jhanuni pathu Lanka prasada bhanjana. 10

Let my private parts be protected by the great scholar,
Let my penis be protected by he who loves Lord Shiva,
Let my knees and thighs be protected by Him who destroyed Lanka’s buildings.

Jange pathu Kapi sreshto, gulphou pathu Maha Bala,
Achalodharaka pathu Padou Bhaskara Sannibha. 11

Let my calves be protected by the greatest monkey,
Let my ankles be protected by the very strong one,
Let the carrier of the mountain and he who is near to Sun protect my feet.

Angnyam amitha sathwadya pathu padangulisthadha,
Sarvangani Maha soora, pathu romani chathmavith. 12

Let all my body parts be protected by him who has limitless powers,
Let him also protect the fingers of my feet,
Let all my body be protected by the all knowing one,
Let all my hairs be protected by him who controls the soul.

Hanumath kavacham yasthu padeth vidhwan vichakshana,
Sa yeva purusha sreshto bhkthim mukthim cha vindathi. 13

He who reads this armour of Hanuman with clear understanding,
That man with great devotion would attain happiness and salvation.

Trikalam Eka kalam va padan masa thryam nara,
SArvaan ripoon kshanaajjithwa sa puman sriyam apnuyath. 14

If one reads it once or three times for a period of three months,
He would be victorious in a second,against all his enemies,
And that gentleman would make all the wealth his.

Madhya rather jale sthithwa saptha varam padeth yadhi,
Kshaya apasmara kushtadhi thapa thraya nivarana. 15

If it is read at mid night standing in water for seven weeks,
He would get rid of the three sufferings due to Tuberculosis. Epilepsy and Leprosy.

Aswatha moole arka vare sthithwa patathi ya pumaan,
Achalaam sriyamapnothi SAngrame vijayam thadha. 16

That great one who reads it under the banyan tree on Sundays,
Would get mountain like wealth and be victorious in war.

Budhir balam yaso dhairyam nirbhayathwam arogatha,
Sudardyam vak sphurathwam cha Hanumath smaranad bhaveth. 17

Wisdom, strength, fame, courage, fearlessness, freedom from illness,
Great presence and mastery over words, would be one’s, if he meditates on Hanuman.

Maaranam vairinam sadhya saranam sarva sampadaam,
Sokasya harane daksham vande tham rana dharunam. 18

He who worships the great one in war,
Would win over spells and enemies,
All wealth would bow before him,
And all sorrow will vanish from him.

Likhithwa poojayed yasthu sarvathra vijayee bhaved,
Ya kare dharaye nithyam sapumaan sriyamapnuyath. 19

He who writes or worships it will get victory every where,
And he who wears it in his hand would become greatly wealthy.

Sthithwa thu bhandena yasthu japam karayathi dwijai,
That kshanaath mukthi mapnothi nigadathu thadaiva cha. 20

If one is imprisoned and gets this read by the twice born,
He would immediately get freedom and continue to be like that.

Ya idham prathar uthaya padecha kavacham sada,
Ayur arogya santhanaisthasya, sthavya sthavo bhaveth. 21

He who always reads this in the morning after waking up,
Would get long life,health and children and would be praised by the famous.

Idham poorvam padithwa thu ramasya kavacham Thatha,
Padaneeyam narai bhakthya naikameva padeth kadhaa. 22

Hanumath Kavacham Chathra Sri Rama Kavacham vinaa,
Ye padanthi narschathra padanam thath vrudha bhaveth. 23

Thasmad sarvai padaneeyam Sarvadha kavacha dwayam,
Ramasya, vayu puthrasya sadbhakthaischa viseshatha. 24

This is to be read and Rama’s armour is to be read earlier,
By men with devotion instead of reading it alone.
Instead if Hanuman’s armour is read without reading Rama’s armour,
Then the reading by such men would be a waste.
So all those who want to read, should read both armours together,
For, reading with devotion the armour of Rama and Hanuman is specially good.

Ithi Sri Rama kruthai yeka mukha hanumath kavacham sampatham

Thus ends the armour of single faced Hanuman written by Lord Rama.

Hanumath Stotram
[Prayer to Hanuman]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander
Akshadhi rakshasa haram, Dasa kanda darpa,
Nirmoolanam, Raghuvarangri saroja bhaktham,
Seetha vishahya Ghana dukha nivarakam tham,
Vayo sutha, galitha bhanu maham namami. 1

I salute Him, who shines like the Sun,
Who killed Rakshasas like Aksha,
Who destroyed the pride of the ten headed,
Who is the devotee of lotus feet of Rama,
Who removed the great sorrow of Sita,
And who is the son of Wind God.

Maama pasya pasya dayaya nija drushti pathair,
Maam raksha raksha paritho ripu dukha punjaan,
Vasyam kuru trijagatham vasudadhi paanaam,
May dehi dehi mahatheem vasudhaam sriyam cha. 2

Please see, see me with real feeling of mercy,
Please save, save me from the hands of enemies,
Make my slave the three worlds and their kings,
And please give, give me wealth and fame.

Aapadbhyo raksha sarvathra, aanjaneya namosthuthe,
Bandhanam cchedhaya muktha kapi varya, namosthuthe. 3

Salutations to son of Anjana, please always save me from danger,
Salutations o the great monkey, please cut of my bondage and release me.

May dehi sampadho nithyam trilochana, namosthuthe,
Dushta rogaan hana hana Rama dhootha namosthuthe. 4

Salutations to the three eyed one, please daily save from dangers,
Salutations to the emissary of Rama, kill, kill serious diseases.

Uchataya ripoon sarvaan, mohanam kuru bhoobhujaam,
Vidweshino maaraya thwam trinethrathmaka sarvada. 5

Always, Cast spell on all my enemies, make all kings love me,
And Kill all those who hate me, Oh, son of three eyed one.

Sanjeeva parvathoddhara, mama dukhaan nivaraya,
Ghoraan upadhravan nasaya, Aksha suranthaka. 6

He who carried sanjeevini mountain, please remove my sorrows,
Killer of the asura called Aksha, destroy awesome troubles.

Markatesa mahothsaha, Sarva soka vinasaka,
Sathroon samhara maam raksha, sriyam dathwacha maam hara. 7

Lord of all monkeys who is exuberant, kill all my sorrows,
Save me by killing all my enemies and protect me by giving wealth.

Evam sthuthwa hanumantham, nara sradha samanwitha,
Puthra pouthradhi sahitha, sarvaan kamaan vapunuyath. 8

If men pray Lord Hanuman thus with devotion,
He would realize all his wishes along with his sons and grandsons.

Jai Sri Ram


ll हं हनुमते रुद्रात्म्काय हुं फट् ll
Hum Hanumante Rudratmakaaya Hum Phat

Recite this mantra 1,00,000 times
An oil lamp is lighted before hanumanjis idol or photo.

Lord Shiv gave this mantra to Lord Krishana who gave it to Arjun getting all round success in the battle of Mahabharata.